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Bear's way of making bread.

Chef Crumb and A Little Bird Crust

Bread Making of Chief Crumb and A Little Bird Crust

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Punch and Knock Out!

At this point, Chef Crumb punches the risen dough to knock the air out.

If you are making bread with the straight dough method using yeast, you should punch out the air when the half of the first fermentation time has passed.

What if you do not want to knock down the risen dough? Well, you should do so, because it is an important part in the process of bread making.

Why punch?

During the first fermentation, take the risen dough out of the mixing bowl and punch out the air. By doing this, the air bubbles in the dough will be scattered and the texture becomes smoother.

At the same time, the fresh air is taken into the dough, making the gluten stronger, and it allows the yeast to become more active.

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