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Bear's way of making bread.

Chef Crumb and A Little Bird Crust

Bread Making of Chief Crumb and A Little Bird Crust

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Well done!

Knock the on the bottom of the bread. If it sounds hollow, your bread is finished. You will notice a lovely sweet aroma of the caramelized crust.

Chef Crumb and Little Bird Crust seem to be so happy with the result!

How do I know what abilities that my oven has?

Household ovens have various abilities, and understanding your oven’s abilities and limitations will improve your baking.

For the first time you make bread, you should follow your recipe, and set the temperature of your oven as it should be. Check your bread in the oven and the results carefully.

If your first bread is too well-done, then set the oven temperature at about 10 degrees lower for the second time. If it seems not brown enough, then set the temperature about 10 degrees lower. Try not to increase or decrease the baking time.

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