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Bear's way of making bread.

Chef Crumb and A Little Bird Crust

Bread Making of Chief Crumb and A Little Bird Crust

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Has the Dough Risen High Enough?

Fermentation differs according to the ingredients and your kitchen environment, however in general, when the dough has risen to about double in size, it should be okay to move on.

Check the dough with finger testing.

What is finger testing?

Finger testing is the way to check the dough’s fermentation.

Use one finger, put some flour on it and press it gently but firmly into the dough. It should leave an indentation that does not spring back. That is when you know it has risen enough.

Here is a picture of finger testing.

If the indentation springs back right away, the dough is not risen enough.

If the dough shrinks, unfortunately, the dough may be over fermented.

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